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Coronavirus Update (Live): Worldmeter

Coronavirus Cases: 9,733,618
Deaths 492,258
Recovered: 5,266,075

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Last Updated: 26/06/2020

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Pokémon GO Halloween 2019 Guide:Platforms


Fall has arrived, and that implies that it's a great opportunity to return to the Halloween Event in Pokemon Go. In 2016, Halloween was really the focal point of the principal occasion discharged in the game, making it something of a unique time for some players. The occasion has advanced significantly throughout the years, yet we will likely enable you to slice through the disarray and help you to concentrate on the most significant parts of this respected occasion. 

Event Duration
Event Start
Event End
October 17, 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT-7)
November 1, 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT-7)

Occassion Information  

  • 2x Candy from Catches, Hatches, and Transfers 
  • The Return of "A Spooky Message", with Spiritomb as the last reward 
  • The Introduction of Yamask and Cofagrigus, including their Shiny Formes 
  • The arrival of the Mythical Pitch-Black Pokemon, Darkrai in Raid Battles 
  • Extra Dark and Ghost Type Pokemon showing up in the wild, eggs, and strikes 
  • New Shadow Pokemon accessible by means of Team Rocket fights 
  • The arrival of costumed variants of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle in attacks 
  • The arrival of another costumed adaptation of Pikachu in nature 
  • New Halloween themed Avatar Items 
  • Lavender Town night music 


The Event

While numerous pieces of this occasion are self-evident, some can cooperate so as to give you a more prominent preferred position in pushing ahead.

2x Candy

Each Catch, Hatch, and Transfer gives 2x sweet. While we truly don't have a lot of power over what hatches, we can ensure that we're effective with our different rewards.

  • Take a gander at what Legendary Pokemon that you may have been clutching. Is it liable to ever give you a preferred position? On the off chance that not, at that point consider moving it! 
  • Concentrate on Pokemon that you need or need. The occasion is probably going to have various amazing Pokemon families included, for example, Gengar and Golurk, so work out your needs ahead of time! 
  • Organize Pinap berries. In addition to the fact that they are valuable for step up wanted Pokemon, however amassing treat for basic Pokemon can be helpful for mass-developing to pick up experience later on the off chance that you are underneath Lv.40. 

New Shadow Pokemon

While Team Rocket Content may not be the most elevated need for certain players, it is a decent wellspring of better than expected Pokemon IVs, and a genuinely unsurprising sweet hotspot for the occasion.

  • Do you know the slogans that Grunts will say for each sort? You can get a smart thought regarding what you're going to get with them! 
  • Keep in mind that Purified Pokemon increase +2 to all IVs, which means it's somewhat simpler to locate a higher IV Pokemon along these lines. 
  • Keep in mind that Purified Pokemon additionally cost 10% less Stardust and Candy to catalyst 
  • While the elite move that Pokemon realize when Purified, Return, has constrained use in assaults, it might have some utility in PVP for some Pokemon.

List of New Shadow Pokemon

A Spooky Message, 2019

While not horrendously intriguing generally speaking, this constrained extraordinary research is at present the best way to get Spiritomb outside of exchanging.

Spiritomb has some constrained use in PVP positions, to be specific some restricted Silph Road designs.

Costumed Starter Pokemon

It has been affirmed that these new costumed Pokemon can't develop, so except if we see a change before discharge, it may be ideal to not organize them too vigorously; particularly the ones that require attack goes to get.

Network Day Pokemon for November 2019.

The Headliners

For a large number of us, this occasion carries with it one genuine inquiry: what Pokemon merit getting? The current year's occasion isn't probably going to present to us an amazingly huge pool of huge names, yet the not many that we have are unquestionably significant.


DarkraiMaybe the most energizing piece of this occasion is the arrival of Darkrai into assaults. Darkrai is an amazing Pokemon that can stand its ground and fix up a Psychic/Ghost Counter group delightfully. It's additionally untradeable, so getting at any rate one should be a need, as it won't be conceivable to get one from a companion later. On top That of that, the 2x treat occasion that will be dynamic the whole time that Darkrai is in the attack turn will make it a considerably less asset concentrated venture than a portion of its companions. All things considered, its lead as a Dark Type isn't as overpowering as, state, Mewtwo's over the Psychic Type when it picked up Psystrike in the relatively recent past. All things considered, a few players probably won't see as a lot of a need to organize the Pitch-Black Pokemon.

In any case, it's very a main event for the occasion, and you can peruse progressively about battling and utilizing Darkrai here:


ChandelureChandelure is an amazingly intriguing Pokemon. Its a top-level Ghost Type aggressor, and a top-level Fire Type assailant, which means it can take care of its expense for some, numerous players. For some players, this is probably going to be the principal opportunity to acquire its pre-advancement, Litwick, as it has been very uncommon as of not long ago. This is one of those Pokemon that you'll need to stay in touch with your Raid bunch over, announcing any high-IV examples that you may discover while watching out for any reports from others. Simply recollect that developing from a Lampent into a Chandelure requires an Unova stone!

The Others

While the "Main events" might be the most by and large looked for after Pokemon of the occasion, they're not by any means the only species to be included. While this is probably going to be an inadequate rundown as it's going off of what we as of now have accessible, these are different species that we can be certain will show up.

Yamask and Cofagrigus

This is kind of the essence of the occasion, as Yamask and Cofagrigus will make their presentation at its commencement, and will likewise have their Shiny formes accessible. Cofagrigus is a fan-most loved Pokemon with an especially noteworthy Shiny forme, however it's unfortunately unreasonably powerless for PvE, and reviled with a terrible moveset for PvP. That said; changes have been made to movesets previously, so go after a couple of good ones while they're normal!

Golett and Golurk

An incredible little Ghost/Ground Type Pokemon. Golurk is a decent Ground Type aggressor, and is another fan most loved because of its one of a kind structure.

Drifloon and Drifblim

A fun little Balloon Pokemon with its Shiny Forme accessible. Drifblim has a better than average nearness as a rec center Defender, and is likewise fair in PvP. Indeed, it is a solid contender for Silph Road's Sinister Cup that is occurring this month, which means a great deal of players will be glad to see it!

Stunky and Skuntank

These Pokemon smell. While Skuntank isn't valuable in PVE by any means, it has some nearness in PVP, particularly in some Silph Road cups, so it may merit grabbing a couple up.

Gastly, Haunter, and Genga

The OG apparitions in the majority of their greatness. Gengar is an extraordinary Pokemon in attacks, however tragically that is carefully on the off chance that it has one of its heritage Fast Moves. All things considered, it's as yet an alright decision in the event that you have to counter Psychics or different Ghosts (PRIORITIZE CHANDELURE AND DARKRAI FOR THIS!). Haunter, incredibly, has some utilization also; it's a decent decision for some PVP designs. Be that as it may, to truly sparkle it too needs a heritage move; Shadow Ball. In any case, regardless it works fairly.

Houndour and Houndoom

Very little can be said here. Houndoom is a decent starter decision for a Fire or Dark Type, however it truly doesn't have a lot of enduring worth. It resembles a more terrible Chandelure from multiple points of view.

Other Pokemon That May Be Featured!

By and by; these are just the Pokemon that we know as a reality will be reachable. Niantic has a method for dropping more than we expect in occasions, so be watchful for other occasion supported generates that can help you in your own Pokemon venture! Upbeat getting!

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